Best Mountain Bicycle NAHBS 2018

Only a few days ago I was wondering if were ever going to make it. And today the juges have decided that this bike was the best mountain bike of the show.
And this is no ordinary show. Its filled with hundreds of amazing and incredibly talented builders who brought even more amazing bikes with them. Words will never be able to describe how thankful I am of this award.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped out: @straitlinecomponents and @industry_nine for the amazing colorful goodness. @shaquille_owheel for building said colorful goodness with not much time to do so! @sbpowdercoating for the paint wizardry and for always believing in me. Je t’en dois une!
Eric for the marketing work and a ton more that’d be too long to write. Alain for rocking the floor like it’s 2009.
And finally Julie, aka @madame_jubz, who never stopped encouraging me, and who, on Valentine’s day, was pushing me to keep going. She worked the hardest behind the scenes to make it happen and I’m incredibly lucky to be with this woman that I love to the highest degree.

There’s one more day to @nahbspics. Lets have sone fun!

Photo: @bikerumor

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